Corporate Responsibility


Schulte Hospitality Group (“Schulte”) and its affiliates believe that good governance practices and responsible corporate behavior contribute to the success of our guests, associates, partners and the communities in which we operate. At a fundamental level, this approach is guided by our Core Values, our Philosophy and our Values. Using these guiding principles, we strive to implement strong corporate governance and responsible environmental and social practices across our operations.


Our Core Values

Schulte’s Core Values are a representation of who we’ve been, who we are and who we’re striving to be in the future and are an important part of our culture. We strive to recruit, recognize, review and reward based on everyone demonstrating and modeling our core values every day.


Being honest and having strong moral principles.


Providing assistance and accommodations that are above expectations.


Approaching personal and professional achievements and staying the course regardless of challenges and setbacks.


Treating others as you would like to be treated.


Possessing the capability to deliver superior satisfaction.


The desire to achieve something through determination and hard work.


Working collaboratively with a group to achieve a common goal.


Our Philosophy

It is our goal to become the most successful operator of hotels and restaurants by achieving superior results and the highest levels of guest satisfaction.

We seek to attain this goal through disciplined systems, aggressive guest service standards and maintaining the highest levels of customer service, professionalism, integrity and teamwork.

We will continue to adopt and embrace a philosophy of developing the “best and brightest” staff in the industry through sound hiring practices, a dedication to staff training and development as well as fostering a management culture that embraces a results-driven commitment to excellence.


Our Vision


Schulte believes that our business is intertwined with the communities that we serve and that it is important to seek to be a partner in environmental sustainability throughout our operations and through a variety of mediums. For example, we do this by working with our partners to identify strategies we can employ to improve the efficiency of our energy and water consumption. Similarly, we strive to reduce the footprint of our operations by employing recycling / composting programs, including recycling soaps at our properties which are then able to be used for populations that may otherwise lack access.


Schulte believes the people we serve as our guests, associates, partners and communities are of paramount importance and we strive to provide for these people in a multitude of ways. We do this directly through our recruiting practices where we work with different partners to employ different populations that are seeking opportunities like refugees. We also implement policies that are designed to foster a positive work environment and to be partners in our communities by, among other things, endeavoring to provide our associates with the tools to identify and mitigate any potential human trafficking situations. We also directly give back to our communities through programs implemented directly by our property-level teams and regular donations by our founders to a variety of causes, including non-profit programs that serve the following communities: veterans; children facing, among other things, activity limitations, participation restrictions and terminal illness; victims of sex trafficking; victims of natural disasters; and the hungry.


Schulte believes it is important to implement strong and ethical corporate governance procedures throughout our operations so that we can do our best to support and protect our guests, our associates, our partners and our communities. We do this by targeting a multitude of issues like fostering safe workplaces, sound financial practices and ethical business activities. In general, our policies establish our expectations that our associates and partners will adhere to best practices across our business.