Asset Management


Strategic Planning and Metric-Based Asset Management

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to enhance the value at an existing asset and maximize its return. Being both an owner and operator ourselves, we consider each property with an owner’s mindset first.

Combine that with our extensive experience in hotel management and we are perfectly equipped to optimize the hotel product, service, and profitability. SHG combines data-driven analysis incorporating property-level and market-level data, with strong industry relationships to optimize hotel performance.


Services Include:

  • Working arm-and-arm with existing hotel employees and management companies to maximize profit
  • Revenue management
  • Expense rationalization
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Enhanced financial reporting packages
  • Value add initiatives that can be performed above the asset level. This could include renegotiation of leases, adding cell towers, rationalizing energy, garbage collection and negotiating with vendors
  • Brand fee, PIP and key money negotiations
  • Capital Markets (debt and equity capital placement)
  • Real estate tax negotiations
  • Property insurance negotiations
  • IT Systems selection and implementation
  • Back office support including rollup accounting, HR assistance, IT and Risk Management
  • Legal assistance and management of outside counsel