Fresh, Unique, Authentic

At Schulte Boutique + Lifestyle, we distinguish ourselves from larger chain/branded hotels. Our collection seeks out the neighborhood vibe and sets off the guest experience with personalized service and unique accommodations. But more than that, each of our hotels offers the uncommon.

We don’t set out to be trendy, #NextGen or even influencers. We will always choose great linens and fresh food ingredients, style rooms individually, and reflect the neighborhoods that we are in. Our purpose is simple, set the stage for a trip to remember and become part of the story that our guests tell when they get home.



Introducing Origin Hotel

Origin Hotel is a culture of the creative. We are explorers and experience junkies. We like to dine, to connect, to discover, and yes, to travel. Our passion for the local culture is real and our places are meant to be shared. We pick fantastic locations and we obsess over design. We don’t stop until our properties have an individual spirit and are an environment for guest and employee connection – a truly shared space.

Ask us anything. We’ll answer from personal experiences – not from search engines. We share places we love – no matter the rating. We want to inspire, and be inspired by you. So be quirky. Be honest. Be vibrant. Be adventurous. Our Origin Hotel community welcomes you to be yourself – whoever that is.

Origin Hotel is built on three elements: Origin LIFE, Origin BALANCE, AND Origin COMMUNITY. These ideas are the heartbeat of our culture and guest experience.

Origin LIFE is not just a frame of mind; it’s a lifestyle. We invite you to be a part of our community, and then share your experiences with us. It’s these shared experiences that are the foundation of our hotels. The DO List is our handcrafted, battle-tested, and guest inspired guide of things to do around the neighborhood. It’s updated every day with suggestions of places to eat, drink, and do. We look for the spots you might not find.

But Origin LIFE goes beyond guest interaction; it’s for our team members too. We take part in a company-wide initiative to roam, move about and interact with our surroundings through the Origin Travel Program. It keeps us interesting.

Origin BALANCE is a fresh approach to overall wellness. No matter your personal goals, or daily routine, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to stay healthy. Want to get outside and stretch your legs? Try our bike-sharing program, or just get the best local running routes from our team. We design our gyms for the workouts we do. And there are options for the guests looking to mix it up like local yoga classes, guided hikes, and stationary bikes delivered to your room.

Our restaurants have health-focused items to ensure you’re not feeling guilty here and our juice bars are always handy if you need to fuel up before heading out. Staying balanced, even while traveling, allows us to be our best self.

Origin COMMUNITY is a commitment to the places we call home—we’re proud of them. Through partnerships with local brewers, distillers, coffee roasters, and farmers, we work hard to give our guests a true taste of the area. We choose artists that tell a story, designs that reflect the environment, and our spaces are meant to be shared.

That sharing continues within our communities. Each Origin Hotel Team handpicks a local charity in an effort to do our part, and then we actively participate in the good work they’re doing. Our goal is simple: to connect with the community.